Op-Ed by Suzanne Borho
Activist Post

The world finds itself at the brink of a 3rd world war between the U.S. and other NATO allies on the one side and the nuclear super-powers of China, Russia, and potentially Iran on the other; in other words, potential nuclear disaster.

Electing a Hillary Clinton, or a Donald Trump, or any other state leader will not bring an end to the endless war, the killing, the torture, or the destruction that has plagued the world since the false flag attacks of 9/11/2001.  No, replacing the puppet on the puppet master’s hand, or changing it from the left hand to the right is not the answer.

After all, was it the leader of the Ottoman Turk Empire who himself went out and slaughtered 1.8 [million] Armenians between 1915-1923?  No it was not.  Was it Stalin who himself went around and shot, tortured, starved or otherwise killed upward of 20 million of his own people, or Mao who went out over all of China and killed, by some estimates, between 50 and 70 MILLION people during ‘The Great Leap Forward’?  No it was not.  So WHO?  WHO is responsible for those killings, and for the enslavement and torture of their fellow man?  It was the soldier, the policeman, the bureaucrat, the government spies and operatives, the neighbor who snitched on his neighbor … the ORDER FOLLOWERS. It is and was the individual men and women who sold their soul for a paycheck, or for a bowl of rice, out of blind devotion to ruthless god-like leaders who, from their perspective, think of these order followers – and think of YOU – as nothing more than animals … mindless, unthinking, base creatures who are disposable, replaceable, a means to an end, and nothing more. …continue reading at Activist Post