The government of British Prime Minister Theresa May offers refugees £2000 to get them to leave the country, as it’s under mounting pressure to tackle the refugee crisis, a new report says.

The government confirmed that it has been offering £2,000 of taxpayers’ cash to “assist” return payments to each refugee, who accepts to leaves the UK, The Express reported Saturday.

The Home office said a total of 529 people have been paid the money since the government implemented the plan in January this year. It said the money is paid to help those returning to “find somewhere to live, find a job or start a business in their home country.”

According to figures, the UK faces the highest asylum claims since 2004, Home Office officials said.

Politicians warned the government that “the scheme to pay illegal immigrants money will only encourage the problem,” the report said.

Lawmaker Mike Hookem, who described the new plan as “scandalous expose,” criticized May’s refugee policies, saying “when it came to border control Theresa May was an abject failure.” …continue reading at PressTV