The public are being sucked into the militarist mindset that Russia is the belligerent party, when all evidence points to an American Reich.

21st Century Wire

Every day the world moves closer to a nuclear winter. The finger on the trigger presses upon the button and only a slight movement will launch unthinkable destruction.

The point that it is so unthinkable yet so close to happening is caused by the overwhelming denial that Americans have towards the real nature of international brinksmanship. The United State foreign policy for global dominance cannot be defended as a righteous imperative. Those who naively believe that NATO occupies the high moral ground are just as confused as the dupes that cheer the dough boys or the GI’s in the previous two world wars.

The difference in the coming end of days is not that the foolish deployments and menacing circumstances are not known, but that the ultimate consequences and inevitable desolation is simply ignored. When a nation is oblivious to the lessons of history and the reality of insane actions, a rational foreign policy becomes the first causality of national security.

Evaluate the titanic failures in the Middle East; Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Yemen are well documented as benefiting only a greater Israel, a stronger Iran and a more bellicose Saudi Arabia.

Yet the major confrontation with Russia over the Syrian civil war has raised the stakes to Armageddon proportions. Of course the international press wants to avoid any serious discussion on the basis of the “so called” authority that the United States has to bomb the Syrian government back to the Stone Age or even more important to deflect that Russia was invited into the conflict by the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

Don’t be sucked into the military-industrial-complex mindset that Russia is the belligerent behind the coming cataclysm. Remember the actual facts about the coup and who was behind the removal of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine. Read between the lines in this Washington Post report: “Ousted Ukraine president warns of civil war, criticizes U.S. for aiding current government.”

“Yanukovych, who read from a statement in Russian and did not take questions, accused the West and the United States of backing fascists in Ukraine — another regular allegation being made by Russian authorities.

“There is a gang of ultranationalists and fascists operating the government,” he said. “I would like to ask those who cover for these dark forces in the West: Are you blind? Have you forgotten what fascism is?”

Do you recall that NATO is encircling Russia with an unprecedented military buildup? Romanian minister: US anti-missile interceptors will be deployed in 2015, and Lithuania aims to spend $115m on air-defense system amid NATO build-up in Eastern Europe and Deployment of U.S. Missiles in Poland Anti-Russian Move – are just a few examples of NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe with the distinct intention of bringing Russia into the globalist New World Order sphere of domination.

(…) Is this the end results from Obama Firing of Military Reminiscent of Stalin’s Purge or is it a change in military doctrine to employ the George Armstrong Custer battlefield strategy, when taking on the Ruskies? At least Field Marshal Paulus surrendered at Stalingrad. Sounds like Milley will be directing his troops from an undisclosed bunker, while the rest of us incinerate.

If you are still in doubt that the supreme lunacy is upon us, read the detailed explanation about the 8 Alarming Warning Signs That Indicate War With Russia Could Be Imminent.

  1. The Epic Civilian Drill
  2. The Deputy Commander of NATO and a US Admiral are worried
  3. Peace talks about a cease-fire in Syria have broken down
  4. Russia is no longer participating in a nuclear disarmament agreement that has lasted since 2000
  5. Russia is gearing up in Syria
  6. Four different European militaries have had to head off Russian bombers
  7. President Obama seems to be deliberately trying to provoke Putin
  8. Putin is provoking right back

The brick need not be shattered into an irreversible carnage. But before levelheaded minds can revamp the tensions from failed policies, one needs to understand just what this confrontation is all about. Can the simple minds of a dumb down society face up to reality or are they satisfied to die in a contrived holocaust because the globalist controlled State Department are packed with Zionist NeoCons, who are quite willing to endure World War III to destroy Western Civilization? …continue reading at 21WIRE