The UK government is not prepared for the imminent arrival of robots, which will “fundamentally” change lives, take over jobs and raise serious ethical issues, MPs have warned.

Artificial intelligence (AI) such as driverless cars and supercomputers that can help doctors with medical diagnoses will soon be the norm, the Science Technology Committee says, but the government’s role in preparing for the change is “lacking.”

“Science fiction is slowly becoming science fact, and robotics and AI look destined to play an increasing role in our lives over the coming decades,” said Tania Mathias, the Tory acting chairwoman of the committee.

“It is too soon to set down sector-wide regulations for this nascent field but it is vital that careful scrutiny of the ethical, legal and societal ramifications of artificially intelligent systems begins now.”

The committee warned the government does not have a strategy in place for developing new skills to help workers succeed in a world with greater reliance on AI.

“Concerns about machines taking jobs and eliminating the need for human labor have persisted for centuries. Nevertheless, it is conceivable that we will see AI technology creating new jobs over the coming decades while at the same time displacing others,” Mathias said.

“Since we cannot yet foresee exactly how these changes will play out, we must respond with a readiness to reskill and upskill.

“This requires a commitment by the government to ensure that our education and training systems are flexible, so that they can adapt as opportunities and demands on the workforce change.” …continue reading at Russia Today