(NaturalNews) Supposed “experts” are promoting new guidelines that would allow the biotechnology industry to forever conceal the negative health effects of eating GMO foods.

In an effort to refine its regulation on GMO food, the European Union (EU) has funded two separate animal feeding studies, GRACE And G-TwYST. The two studies are meant to help the EU determine what kinds of animal feeding studies are best at evaluating the safety of GMOs.

But recently, members of the GRACE and G-TwYST research teams published a paper in the Archives of Toxicology setting out proposed criteria for animal feeding studies that stop just short of abolishing the practice entirely.

Authors have industry ties

The paper proposes that feeding studies only be conducted if “a trigger is available from the initial molecular, compositional, phenotypic and/or agronomic analyses,” and “the rationale of the study prior to testing is formulated in form of hypotheses regarding specific endpoints.”

In other words, they say that there is no need for animal feeding studies unless a GMO company already suspects that their food might cause health problems and is looking for a specific health effect. …continue reading at Natural News