Jay Dyer
21st Century Wire

I have only analyzed two John Carpenter films, Big Trouble in Little China and Prince of Darkness (while Branko Malic covered The Thing), but it’s admittedly absurd to have not covered They Live! on a site dedicated to deep state connections and film.  For most of the audience, the meaning and message of They Live! will likely be obvious, but aspects of the film may have been missed and as our world spirals more and more into total insanity, Carpenter’s classic is becoming more and more of a reality – we really are living in a dystopic B sci-fi film!

Our film begins with Banksy-style graffiti, exemplifying the “underground” movement of the anti-establishment proletariat, replete with its own subculture of signs and symbols.   Graffiti culture is unique, insofar as it exists in every city, generally dismissed as trashy (it often is), yet hidden within this mystic symbols is another language – a language of codes and ciphers that alert other gangs “in the know.”  Signaling gang territory and other black market operations, graffiti embodies a crude form of something akin to the NSA’s advanced cryptography. Listverse relates (see whole article!):

“Gang graffiti in Los Angeles is not random vandalism. To those who know how to decipher the secret language, these markings are the “newspaper of the street.” They reflect territorial boundaries, rivalries, and allegiances. Law enforcement officers have even used the secret messages to solve crimes.

Often the names of the gangs themselves are shrouded in code. The monikers are often written abbreviated, such as “ES DKS SGV” for the Eastside Dukes of the San Gabriel Valley. In some cases, gangs have disguised their names by using Roman or Mayan numbers.

Gang graffiti began in Los Angeles with the emergence of Latino factions over 70 years ago. Initially, it was simply a way of glorifying the organization and marking “turf.” Black gangs quickly contributed to the language. The ‘70s and ‘80s saw the peak of the gang graffiti movement in Los Angeles. …continue reading at 21WIRE