Given the extremes of Left-wing political correctness, there is little that shocks the conscience these days. Then comes this story from Australia.

As reported by Yahoo 7 News, some education officials in the “Land Down Under” believe that four-year-old children have the mental capacity and understanding to claim, convincingly, that they would rather be a different sex. What’s more, the taxpayer-funded education system has no issue picking up the tab for said sex-change procedures.

The only thing worse than education officials thinking four-year-olds can make such life-changing decisions is that there are parents who are going along with this as well.

As Natural News reported, this is like a form of child abuse when you stop and think about it.

The official term being bandied about is “gender dysphoria,” and apparently, according to reports out of Australia, it’s supposedly common enough that sizable resources have been devoted to helping these children alter their lives for good – before they really even start life…

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